Your fitness guide 2022: From London’s micro-gyms to climbing


Wrap up the new shiny smartwatch and get the leggings out! Oh – wait – you’re already in. The opening chapter in January 2022 may bring us an odd dose of déjà vu (working from home, Christmas in semi-isolation, canceled pub trips …), but amid the New Year’s granny gloom, there is more positive news: at least we’re not locked – and Covid cases are (hopefully) stagnant in London, with hospital admissions in the capital declining since December 29th.

Plus: We know how to get through this time. The upside of the tumultuous year 2021 is that it was our strongest yet – activity rates soared to new record levels last year, according to sports tracking platform Strava, which is now used by more than 17 percent of the UK population – and 2022 is yet to come more reasons to lace up the new Christmas sneakers.

BXR Opens City’s Highest Gym Next Month with a 125m Climbing Wall Overlooking the London Skyline; a luxurious new Covid-friendly studio, Elysium, opened in Seven Dials last week; And the New Year brings a wave of new high-tech rivals in the peloton: Insiders say assault bike courses and ski-style VR workouts are the hot new sweat styles for the home for 2022.

So what should you watch out for? From the new sportswear brand every climate-conscious influencer wears to the regeneration technology that will transform your exercise routine, here’s how to make 2022 your fittest year yet.

Higher performance

The font

You saw it with your mouth open in Tokyo and it quickly rose to be the top Olympic trend sport in Google search results this summer. Now climbing is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of welding for the Fitterati.

Brie Larson, Zac Efron and Jason Mamoa are rumored to be the new climbing enthusiasts in Hollywood, and studios are springing up quickly here in the capital to take your training to new heights.


the Font climbing gym opened in Wandsworth last summer with a functional gym and yoga classes alongside 11,000 square feet of competition-height bouldering walls; BlocFit in Brixton offers climbing sessions with a PT on its 18m boulder wall, with fitness and strength training areas next door for more strength; and Anthony Joshua’s boxing hall BXR jump on the climbing train this winter too.

Europe’s first “vertical village” will open next month: a shiny new high-spec studio with 25 floors. It will be the highest fitness room in the city and will have a 6.5 meter high climbing wall 125 meters above the ground. Experts say that you not only build strength, but also build confidence and mental resilience. Could there be a more important skill set for 2022 than that?

Pandemic proof training


Sweating through a living room fit class doesn’t have to be the only way to keep your workout Covid-safe. In addition to the luxurious new studio from BXR, a new term awaits you in your fitness lexicon this year, in case you haven’t heard it before: the microgym. It is essentially a private gym that is paid by the hour, which you book via Classpass or an app, activate via your smartphone and use for an hour – either alone or with friends or a PT.

Perhaps you’ve shot several up in the capital since the summer, and insiders are expecting a microgym boom in 2022 Solo60 currently has four locations in London (Shoreditch, Tower Bridge, Vauxhall and Spitalfields), with new studios in Central and Southbank coming soon. in the meantime Elysium, which operates a similar gym concept in Aldgate, opened a second location in Seven Dials last week. It only costs £ 25 an hour so share it with your roommates and it’s essentially the same price as a coffee.

Sweat zero

Bamboo clothing

Rental ski equipment and popular wedding dresses are now the fashion norm – but will second-hand sportswear really catch on? It’s already loud Fits wellwho insists there are no worn leggings or a sweat-stained crop top in sight on their popular activewear site. Register on the platform’s Early Access member list and receive up to 60 percent discount on the RRP on used, but good-as-new sportswear from brands such as lululemon, Girlfriend Collective, Nike and Sweaty Betty. Many even still have their tags on (collections often sell out on the day of publication, so act quickly).

based in West Sussex Re run clothes – founded by Team GB ultra runner Dan Lawson and his wife Charlotte – also sells high quality used running clothes (they clean, stripped, recycle and repair clothing before reselling), while Bamboo Clothing keeps its t-shirts fresh for a week before washing Need to become. All of this is thanks to the fact that they are made from bamboo fiber, which its founders claim is so effective at absorbing moisture that there is no more odor nuisance on your clothes. Be brave – Greta would.


Vegan activewear will also become an even bigger hit in 2022, according to Maya Jamas Personal Trainer Bradley Simmonds. His fitness brand Get it ready sells a matt black exercise mat made of natural rubber and vegan polyurethane and is his favorite shoe brand Hylo, whose environmentally friendly sneakers are equipped with natural rubber outsoles, adhesives and water-based inks, laces made of organic cotton and algae blossom insoles.

Athletes wearing their Corn Runner trainers can expect a carbon footprint of just 7.82 kg of CO2 – roughly half the 13.6 kg the average runner produces. That is 300 g of plastic that is kept out of global traffic per couple.

Watch out, peloton


If 2021 was the year of connected spinning (peloton) and rowing (hydrow), 2022 will be the year of connected skiing and assault biking. The high-tech heroes who promise to bring these sports to life from home? First the networked fitness platform Fiit, which has teamed up with the manufacturer of attack bikes Attack fitness to start the world’s first interactive Assault Bike workouts where your live stats are recorded both on the AssaultBike and off the big screen (you must already own an Assault Bike or the limited Assault Bike Bundle from Fiit purchased).

If you want to stay at home and get ready for the snow season, Oxfordshire startup Playko has launched the world’s first ski VR game. Ski fit 365, last month and professional skiers have already said that the next best thing is to actually be on the slopes.

Ski fit 365

Just put on the headset and put the controller in your sock, fly (via VR) to one of 144 slopes in 12 locations around the world, choose your ski outfit and the clever technology of the game tracks your leg movements and imitates skiing.

If you can’t afford a VR headset (Ski Fit 365 is free, in-app purchases like outfits are an additional £ 17), Apple has just released a new range of workouts to prepare for the snow season on its Fitness + platform.


They were designed by the two-time Olympic champion Ted Ligety together with fitness + trainer Anja Garcia and promise to build strength, balance and endurance before the short vacation in the Alps (we hope).

Smart recovery


New year, new … Not really. Ignore those weight loss memes and all those January sermons: We need a year that is all about kindness and that starts with being kind to our bodies. Latest Classpass data has shown that exercise recovery is on the rise, and the most popular recovery sessions are much smarter than simple sports massages or sessions on the foam roller.

The recovery technology of the new era? Salt caves, sound and light therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers and ice baths – but not the conventional low-tech models. If you want to know what all the cold water throng is all about, there is now an app for it: monk, specially designed to help you find the optimal temperature in your home.

The TRX rocker


The £ 2,999 Smart Ice Bath and app will be launched later this year and are designed to bring cold water therapy to the masses by helping users ensure they are at the perfect temperature for muscle regeneration and meditation. It guides you through a personalized program based on your goals, with immersive experiences from cold therapy to breath work.

Other high-tech regeneration tools to look out for in 2022 are TRX’s New Age Foam Roller, the Rocker which claims to achieve more targeted muscle relaxation by rocking instead of rolling, and HigherDose’s infrared mat which Charges your body through vibrations. Designers say that a short session produces the same results as a full hour of yoga or meditation. That’s smart.

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