Why Meghan Crumpler’s Weight Loss Inspires Fans

1000-pound Best Friends star Megan Crumpler is inspiring fans with her dramatic weight-loss transformation, which she posts on Instagram.

Meghan Crumpler out 1000 pounds best friends has made great strides on her weight loss journey and the goals she has achieved are lauded by fans. Her dramatic makeover has made her look like a completely different person. The hard work and dedication she put into building a healthier body has inspired fans.

The 44-year-old never expected to have a positive impact on so many people. If the 1000 pounds best friends As the celebrity began her journey, she knew she had to make a change when her weight climbed to around 500 pounds. She found it difficult to get around and do things for herself. She relied on her husband’s help for many everyday tasks, and she needed oxygen to help her breathe. She could never move more than a few feet without her oxygen tube trailing behind her and getting in the way. She didn’t expect the journey to be easy, but she knew that if she stayed committed, the results would be worth it.


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Meghan knew there was more to life than what she experienced and she didn’t want life to keep passing her by. She wanted to be able to spend time with her husband that didn’t involve him taking care of her every day. Meghan literally wanted to cut the umbilical cord so she would be free to enjoy her life instead of feeling that her weight and declining health are holding her back. She leaned on her best friend Vannessa Cross as they furthered their weight loss journey together. Even if she stumbled or hit a plateau, she kept going. Meghan recently shared a post on Instagram documenting her transformation and progression. It compared their old and new ID cards.

Megan Crumpler weight loss 1000 lb best friends CROPPED

She mentioned in the post, “I’m known to have body dysmorphic disorder, but I see some differences and I feel very good about how far I’ve come.” Fans were quick to show their support, saying how proud they are of Meghan for all she has achieved. They wanted her to know that they think she’s beautiful and that her progress so far is incredible. one user said “Girl, how can you not see the difference??? You look 20 years younger. Your face is half the size it was before. You need to give yourself some credit for being beautiful.”

Similar comments from more fans showed their support and wished her continued success. There were even comments letting Meghan know she wasn’t alone. Others reached out to tell her they were also struggling with their weight and self-image. They encouraged her to keep going during difficult times and explained that success is about overcoming negative thoughts. It’s obvious that the 1000 pounds best friends The reality star’s general health has improved as she no longer requires oxygen. Their confidence, mental health, and physical health show a “night and day” difference.

Meghan’s honesty and authentic personality has resonated with fans as they have watched her set goals and exceed them. She plans to continue getting healthy and boosting her self-esteem. Fans are hoping to continue following Meghan’s journey if TLC decides to extend it 1000 pounds best friends for a second season.

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Credit: Meghan Crumpler/Instagram

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