Weight Loss: Fast Weight Loss Human Being Diet Perfect For Menopausal Women

Petronella Ravenshear has developed a diet plan that promises rapid weight loss. It is a three-month program that lays the foundations of healthy eating and includes four key phases. The expert behind the diet told Express.co.uk how slimmers can lose up to a stone in two weeks.

Preparation, phase one of human nutrition, involves two intense days of eating only vegetables.

This is followed by a 14-day reset, phase two, in which slimmers eat three meals a day that combine equal weights of one type of protein and a mix of vegetables, and one apple a day.

The third phase, Burn, consists of 10 weeks of the second phase adding olive oil and a weekly treat meal.

The fourth and final movement is Forever, where slimmers continue to phase three, maintaining human nutrition while experimenting with extra treats.

In the first 16 days, slimmers avoid oil, alcohol, sugar and grains.

“It’s all about blood sugar balance and removing the substances, including sugar and alcohol, that cause inflammation.

“And it’s also about giving our ailing livers a little vacation and some TLC.”

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Petronella continued, “When our liver is overworked and has accumulated fat, it can no longer help us burn fat, and sometimes it takes a few weeks for the body to start burning fat.

“In these 16 days the magic begins.”

Petronella has shared with Express.co.uk some rules for the first 16 days which are undoubtedly the most difficult and restrictive.

“Perhaps the most important rule to remember is fasting for at least five hours between meals — no snacks, no tea or coffee between meals, just water.”

The expert emphasized that it is not only important what slimmers eat, but also when.

“We eat within an hour of waking up, eat lunch at least five hours after breakfast, and make sure we finish eating before 9 p.m.

“And then while we sleep, our bodies can continue burning fat.”


But how can dieters ensure they stay full when following the low carb program?

Petronella said, “Drinking enough water is key — so often we eat because we think we’re hungry, when in reality we’re thirsty.”

The prep and reset phases of the diet may seem challenging, but they are not without rewards.

“Fortunately, results can be dramatic in the first two weeks and a loss of between half a stone and a stone is normal.

“It’s easier to stay on track in the long run with such a quick win.”

Petronella pointed out that weight loss might briefly plateau once slimmers start adding treat meals, but assured slimmers that it would regain weight.

“The average weight loss after the 16-day reset is between one and four pounds per week.”

When it comes to treats, “anything goes”.

“It could be a Sunday roast with all the trimmings, or it could be fish and chips and a glass or two of wine, or a delicious Indian curry.

“The key is consuming high-calorie fats to snap the body out of ‘energy saving’ or starvation mode. We shock the body with lots of extra calories and that stimulates fat burning.”

Taking into account our “unique biochemistry”—for example, some people must avoid wheat—phase four of the diet is very similar to the Mediterranean diet, which is often considered the best in the world.

This is essentially eating “fresh, wholesome, genuine foods, including a wide variety of vegetables and lots of extra virgin olive oil.”

Petronella revealed, “Olive oil might just be the best superfood out there.”

The Human Being Diet is beneficial for menopausal women who often struggle with sudden mid-weight gain.

“The program is a hit with menopausal and perimenopausal women who have ‘tried everything but nothing worked for them.’

“I get so many nice texts from (mostly) women telling me HBD has changed their lives.”

And it’s not just a weight loss diet — it can actually relieve several symptoms of perimenopause.

“Balance has been restored.

“Belly fat, for example, can be a sign of an overworked liver, but it can also be due to too much stress hormone cortisol in the system.

“Anxiety and insomnia often go hand-in-hand with menopause/perimenopause, and cutting out pro-inflammatory foods and restoring blood sugar balance can both relieve anxiety and insomnia, as well as reduce abdominal fat.”

Younger women are also taking to the diet for its beneficial effects on the skin, including acne and dermatitis, and for balancing hormones.

Those interested in trying this diet should consult their doctor first.

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