The St. Clair Shores couple’s mission to help Ukraine expands: Here’s how you can get involved

ST. CLAIR SURES, Mich. – About a month ago, Tony Pate left his St. Clair shore home and traveled Ukraine to deliver medical supplies, which he fetched from his garage.

Now he’s ready to embark on another journey as more than 200 tons of supplies have arrived from Southeast Michigan and as you can imagine this type of collection takes up a lot of space.

“It’s not my normal job, but we accepted the challenge and we’re dealing with it,” said Pate.

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Pate returned to St. Clair Shores from Ukraine over the weekend with only one thing on his mind: how to get what’s needed most into the hands of the people who need it most.

“As far as medical supplies go, not enough gauze or tape,” Pate said.

His garage isn’t big enough for the donations he accepts. So Pate will soon be storing some of these items in the St. Clair Shores Civic Area.

As Ukraine tends to its soldiers, Pate builds emergency medical kits for the guards.

And that’s not all.

He and others from our region are providing much-needed medical supplies to hospitals and field hospitals.

His return to the States comes as reports of civilian deaths in Buchas spark outrage, condemnation, and grief.

“Now we’re starting to share that to show the reality of the brutality of what’s going on down there,” Pate said.

“I just wish it would stop,” said wife Lyudmila Pate.

Lyudmila Pate was moved by what she saw and by the help that kept coming.


“I want to cry every day,” said Lyudmila Pate. “It’s so hard to see every day. Read the news story.”

The Pate’s are looking for the following donations:

  • Tourniquets, sleeping bags/pads

  • Medical scissors

  • breast sealing bandages

  • Rapid clot

  • Gauze/Bandages

  • alcohol preparations

  • rails

  • Medical tape

  • bandages

  • Solar cell phone chargers

  • Gatorade in powder form

  • Jerk of the beef

  • Military Meals or MREs

  • socks (black or brown)

  • flashlights

  • batteries

  • working gloves

  • binoculars

  • body armor

  • helmets

You can drop off donations at the Saint Clair Shores Civic Area at 20000 Stephens Street between 9am and 9pm, seven days a week.

If you wish, you could sponsor a soldier.

With help from volunteers and companies, $250 will give a soldier full body armor and field medical kit. For more information, call 517-402-3648.

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