The miracle elixir for better health, weight loss and more



The headline above this article sounds like an old medicine man selling juice that is too good to be true and is likely to contain strong alcohol or a drug. But stay with me and you will be exposed to an amazing liquid substance that has the power to change lives dramatically, even if most people are too scared to try it out.

The miracle elixir of today?


Getting your feet wet in the water can be that small change that creates momentum to make you dramatically healthier. Benefits include losing weight, restoring movement in dysfunctional joints, and even better sleep.

If you have stopped exercising due to pain or other restrictions, here are simple, stress-free and gentle ways to get a little more exercise.

Aquagym is high on the list for all age groups, especially those who are overweight, over 40, or just starting an exercise program. Now is a great time to start with hundreds of pools and even rivers and oceans open and warm to you.

For newbies, there is no need to get your hair wet and you don’t have to be able to swim.

How to start:

Step 1 – WATER HIKE: Walk in shallow water to about waist deep and start walking slowly. Keep your arms by your side in the water and move them as you walk.

Feel the resistance and how the water supports your knees and hips. Lengthen your spine and walk by putting pressure on your heel first and then your toes instead of tiptoeing.

Stand tall and keep your core engaged as you walk. Go on for 5-10 minutes and see how it feels. Do this often and add more time.

Step 2 – WATER JOGGING: When you are comfortable, switch to light water jogging (jogging in place is fine). When you can’t jog on land you will be amazed how easy it is in the water.

Step 3 – AQUA AEROBICS: Enroll in an aqua aerobics class available at YMCAs in Hinesville, Savannah, Pooler, and Brunswick. Your local YMCA membership gives you access to all Coastal Y-Pools. It’s amazing how many Richmond Hill people go to the Hinesville aqua classes that I sometimes teach. Other locations include the Richmond Hill Swim Club, Chatham County Aquatic Center, and many other summer outdoor venues.

If you like, learn to swim (no matter how old you are). The Richmond Hill Swim Club and the area YMCAs with pools all offer basic swimming lessons.

You will see why aqua aerobics is a recommendation for many doctors and physical therapists dealing with injuries or aging conditions such as arthritis and / or other inflammatory conditions. Regarding arthritis, the Mayo Clinic warns that patients must choose the right activities that will build the muscles around the joints but not harm the joints themselves.

Mayo recommends avoiding activities that involve high impact and repetitive movements, such as: running, jumping, tennis, high-impact aerobics, and doing the same movement over and over again, such as a tennis serve.

Conversely, Mayo notes that for arthritis, getting proper exercise through aqua aerobics can relieve your pain and stiffness, improve your range of motion, strengthen your muscles, and increase your endurance. The buoyant environment of the water relieves the limbs and the spine. To build strength, you don’t need to grab or hold free weights to train muscles due to the water resistance and the ability to increase resistance. Although moderate physical activity such as waking up quickly is safe for most people, health professionals recommend that you speak with your doctor before starting any exercise program if any of the following applies: You have kidney disease (Mayo Clinic).

My own experience is that the aqua aerobics discussed here builds up your stamina and muscles reliably and painlessly so that you can sleep better.

Two of the most effective and easiest things you can do for health and youth are getting exercise and drinking more water.

Research shows that devotion to just one makes a dramatic difference to people.

Surrender to both aspects can catapult you to the minority of people who are actually making themselves physically younger from a health standpoint.

This gives you the chance to literally do more, enjoy more, and be more for a much longer part of your life.

Permanent life-prolonging changes can only be made through the consistent selection of various healthy actions. For those who traditionally stay away from the water, just getting your feet wet can make permanent change faster and easier than you can imagine!

Mike Thompson is a health coach and writes about nutrition and amazing aging. He lives in Richmond Hill, is a certified fitness trainer and founder of SelfCare Sustained. Reach out to him at MikeThompson @ SelfCare-


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