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Emily Dibden and Nick Cummins enjoy a drink on The Bachelor.Credit:


Let’s stick to the food topic The bachelor or Farmer is looking for a wife, What usually happens is a woman or women are tasked with preparing food for a man. Once upon a time it was cupcakes, because who doesn’t choose their life partner like that? But cooking together — especially learning new skills — can be a lot of fun, especially when you have a budding master chef in your life.


Unsurprisingly, the global pandemic has devastated Melbourne’s cooking classes, but there are still plenty of cool options. Vic Market isn’t running classes right now, but has a wonderful one Foodie Tour with lots of fascinating information and tons of tastings.


After the fish market was suspended thanks to the global pandemic School of Seafood is back, live. From basics to master classes, there is something for everyone.

And the benefit of COVID is that there are now many chefs with an online presence. Matt Morans kitchen stories is good, a nice mix of chat and tutoring. And while dessert queen Kirsten Tibballs has also temporarily suspended in-person classes, you can subscribe to her drool-worthy one online tutorials – the perfect gift for any sugar fanatic.


Not everyone wants to spend their time eating and drinking. Some like to get more active, and since several of the Bachelors have been personal trainers or other athletic types over the years, fitness-based dates are a bit popular. This one, which features in Sam Wood’s season, combines physical activity with good ol’ wacky fun, and with all of them in giant bubbles, it couldn’t be more COVID-safe. Eugene Routman of Ultimate Bubble Soccer actually wore his bubble suit to dates. He doesn’t mention how successful a romance ploy has been — and it’s not an option anyway unless you already have your own bubble suit — but if you and yours want to put together a team and find a bit of space to play, it’s a fabulous one , light-hearted way to bond a bit and get your heart rate up. Routman reminds us that it’s a sport, so while you don’t have to be an athlete, you do have to be an active person. Perfect for couples whose time together currently includes 5k runs or indoor rock climbing.


Usually combined with a trip to a vineyard or the ubiquitous picnic, a bachelor (or less commonly, a bachelorette) often arrives to pick up their date in a desirable vintage car. In the real world, most classic cars are only available with a driver, but it is possible to drive beautiful classic cars yourself. Book a classic is a portal that connects you with classic car owners near you – from a 1948 MG to a 1972 Kingswood and everything in between – who are happy to share with you for a day. The owners will also walk you through the quirks of their custom cars – essential for some of the older contraptions.

The Deni Ute pattern in Deniliquin - what could be more romantic?

The Deni Ute pattern in Deniliquin – what could be more romantic?Credit:Simon O’Dwyer


The Ute pattern was a defining moment last year Farmer is looking for a wifeand if you and/or your loved one love the smell of gasoline in the morning and Doing burnouts and donuts, maybe you’re thinking about organizing your own Ute Muster date. And by not inviting multiple love interests to the same event at the same time, you’re probably avoiding the headache that Farmer Andrew is causing. The big one takes place in Deniliquin from September 30th to October 1st and tickets are on sale now. But there are Ute Musters across the country at different times of the year – and even a Facebook page for Ute Musters Across Australia. If it’s your jam, check it out.

Taite Radley and Ali Oetjen take on a jungle theme in The Bachelorette.

Taite Radley and Ali Oetjen take on a jungle theme in The Bachelorette.Credit:Network Ten


This was presented in 2021 Beauty and the Geek but it actually shows up surprisingly often in both The bachelor and The Bachelorette. (Often not in a good way. See “Don’t try this at home.”) Done right, however, it’s insanely fun and a great bonding experience. There are two major events on the calendar. First, SupaNova Comic Con & Gaming (these are video games, not poker machines) (Melbourne March 5-6, Sydney June 18-19.)

The time has come on the weekend of June 11th and 12th in Melbourne and September 24th and 25th in Sydney Oz Comic Conwhich will include “cosplay active”.

Don’t have your own Harley Quinn/Fox Mulder/Boba Fett outfit? never be afraid You can rent at The costumesor buy from flower costumes. And when one or both events fall victim to the pandemic, as in 2020, it’s fun that you can definitely have in the privacy of your own home.


Also seen Beauty and the Geek, that’s a real thing! Like shooting or archery, except you’re throwing axes at a target. It feels dangerous and a little wild, but maniac (Melbourne: Abbotsford and CBD, Sydney: Alexandria and Brookvale) It’s all very safe, with expert guidance and supervision. Dating is an integral part of their business. They offer special Valentine’s Day packages, and you don’t need to be particularly fit, strong, or skilled. Just make sure you and your sweetheart aren’t going through a rough patch before showing up for this one.


Then there are the dates you see on TV, which are either only achievable with the support of a full crew, or are less focused on romance and more on Twitter catching fire. Whatever the case, under no circumstances include any of these in your special day.

early last year The bachelora swing seat was hung over the edge of a cliff. Not only was the purpose unclear, it is also exceedingly dangerous. Do not do it.

Something involving kittens and puppies, like visiting a petting zoo or volunteering at an animal shelter? For sure. But watching Matty J’s girls dress up in medieval costumes and then chase baby pigs through an enclosure before locking them in a smaller enclosure was far from romantic. In short, anything that terrorizes baby animals? No.

On Nick Cummins’ season, he challenged his ladies to dress up as schoolgirls and teachers “for a photoshoot.” Never do that, never.

Borrow babies or young children to see how your lover would fare as a parent (à la Matty J’s infamous “Build a Volcano” group date or Richie’s miniature golf). Especially outrageous if you are a guy who asks his girl to show off her mothering skills but is never a good idea regardless of gender.

And finally? group dates. No Find-a-Partner show would be complete without her, but in real life? Never invite more than one of your lovers on a date at the same time. If we have to explain why, you deserve to be single.

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