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In addition to its phones, Honor has long had a range of fitness tracking products. Next up on the series is the Honor Band 6 and I spent the last month or two on the tracker trying to figure out just how much impact the budget fitness band can offer.

In terms of style, the Honor Band 6 is relatively subtle. Thanks to the tall and thin touchscreen that blends into the bracelet, it doesn’t dominate the wrist. A single physical button sits on the right edge, where you would expect a traditional watch crown. This activates the display so that you can see your selected watchface and switch through the installed apps.

Swiping right or left will show selected apps in full screen mode, while a second tap on the button will bring up an icon list of all the other apps on board. There is no way to install third-party applications; the Band 6 is set up as a fitness tracker rather than a smartwatch, at least as many would expect from a smartwatch. Two-way communication between your smartphone and your wrist is limited; You have music player controls, the ability to read notifications on your wrist, and a “Find my phone” notification feature.

Of course, the health and fitness data are transmitted. A fitness band with a handful of quality of life apps is offered here; like the music player and the ability to have your notifications on your wrist and you have a comprehensive health application on your handset.

One thing that some people might notice is that you are using the Huawei Health app with the Band 6. Although Honor is now a stand-alone company that emerged from Huawei, it will take time to move everything to its own platform. so the platform for which the Band 6 was presumably designed remains in play.

The Honor Band 6 is priced at $ 49, which puts it right under the budget fitness tracker range, and you should set expectations accordingly. There are only ten training profiles to choose from; with walking, running and cycling, which cover six of them due to an indoor / outdoor division. Swimming, elliptical, rowing and “others” round off the ten. When reporting, you will see your step count, heart rate and estimates of your VO2; all pretty standard numbers.

Since there is no GPS in band 6, this will be tracked by your phone – although only Honor and Huawei handsets are officially supported. The tape also has a pulse oximeter that measures the oxygen saturation in your blood, which is also recorded on the app, but you have to specifically trigger this to get a reading.

As with all sensors on a fitness band, these are not medical devices. If you have any concerns, please contact your doctor.

In terms of software, the Honor Band 6 does its best to use all sensors and offer added value.

They have a menstrual cycle tracker. Please note, however, that this does not run on its own. You need the Huawei Health app on your smartphone.

The band includes stress tracking, which has been a bit of a hit and miss for me. it seems to work primarily on heart rate, and while I can look back on the graph and think, “Yes, I was stressed at this point,” it did not record every moment of the stress during my review period. As a rough guide, this is expertly, although this is good value for money when compared to similarly priced products.

One of the areas where a fitness band is very important to me is sleep tracking; Keeping my epilepsy under control is important, as difficulty sleeping can increase the risk of seizures. While this is an inaccurate science on a wrist-based tracker, the data on the Honor Band 6 comes from the TrueSleep algorithm found in other fitness products from Honor and Huawei. Divided into deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep and classified as permissible, normal, or high; along with durations; there is enough here to make me quickly see on a daily, weekly, or monthly level how good or bad things are going.

Sleep tracking is one of the benefits of more than two weeks of battery life on a full charge. There is no urgent need to charge overnight. Once or twice a month, a little “chirp” catches my attention and I can charge the tape 6 while I work at my desk. it takes just over an hour to fully charge the battery (Honor suggests 80 minutes empty, with a ten-minute charge it offers around 3 days of life).

Will the Honor Band 6 compete with the myriad of sensors and computing power of the world’s smartwatches? Definitely not. But it’s an interesting choice for those looking for a cheaper option. Given the functionality on offer, the $ 49 price tag makes this a fitness band that requires thought.

This is not the fitness band for those serious about analyzing as much data as possible from as many sources as possible. This is a fitness band for the casual user. That could be someone looking for their first fitness band, or someone looking for a good snapshot of their life with no frills. The need to unlock a Huawei or Honor handset to unlock some features (ex. GPS tracking while doing outdoor exercise) is negative and can be a deal breaker for some.

Otherwise, this is an affordable, comfortable, and well-specified fitness band.

Disclaimer: honor delivered and Honor ribbon 6 for verification purposes.

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