The Blind Side star Quinton Aaron reveals 100-pound weight loss

Quinton Aaron, the actor best known for his role in the 2009 film The blind sideShe’s lost quite a bit of weight. After falling into a series of unhealthy habits amid the ongoing pandemic, the actor has lost almost 100 pounds and he has the stunning before and after pictures to highlight his drastic weight loss.

Aaron speaking about his weight loss journey TMZ, attributed his weight loss to a stricter regimen. The actor revealed that he started developing unhealthy eating habits early in the pandemic. According to Aaron, he started binge eating at home and developed a craving for chocolate and started his day eating two jumbo-sized KitKat packs and two Reese packs. When he went out to eat, he also ended his meal with a chocolate dessert. Aaron also shared that he developed a fondness for bread amid the pandemic, sometimes eating two sandwiches in one sitting. This habit, he shared, caused him to gain some weight.

After some time, however, Aaron decided he needed to change something. The actor shared that his career aspirations with his production company and music prompted him to start his weight loss journey, and he “took the New Year to have a new me.” Aaron eventually lost nearly 100 pounds, falling from 559 pounds to 462 pounds. Aaron achieved this tremendous feat by eliminating candy bars and bread from his diet and adopting healthier eating habits, with Aaron sharing that he now eats Cobb salads for lunch, is fasting, and is on a keto diet. He also said exercises like walking and stretching helped him lose weight.

However, Aaron is not done yet. The actor told the outlet that after losing 100 pounds, he now wants to lose another 64 pounds, which would bring him to the weight he was when he starred The blind side, and he set himself a deadline. Aaron said he aims to achieve his next weightless goal by May 10, and the actor shared that he plans to lose weight by that date to honor his late mother on her birthday. Aaron added that his overall goal is to get between 300 and 325 pounds.

Aaron is best known for his portrayal of Michael Oher in The blind side. The film, released in 2009, told the true story of Oher, who was adopted by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, his high school football coach, and pursued a college football career before being drafted by the Baltimore Ravens. Since the film, Aaron has added a number of other credits to his name, including roles in titles Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Drop Dead Divone and gods of medicine, among many others. He also has several upcoming projects in the works.

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