The Best Foods to Satisfy Sugar Cravings and Lose Weight Fast – Eat This, Not This!

It’s that time of year when candy is all around us wherever we go. And while these goodies are delicious, sugar is perhaps one of the biggest culprits when it comes to our health and weight loss this time of year.

If you are struggling with intense sugar cravings, you are not alone! The Cleveland Clinic says people often crave sugar because of its highly addictive properties or because they don’t eat enough quality food throughout the day.

To combat those intense sugar cravings this holiday season, it’s important to eat foods that are high in nutrients and keep you full longer. To find out which foods are best for this, we spoke to Laura Burak, MS, RD, Author of Lose weight with smoothies, and founder of Laura Burak Nutrition.

Read on to see what she recommends and to learn more about how to eat healthily, according to science, don’t miss out on the easy ways to start losing weight right away.


Including healthy, high-fat foods in your diet can help suppress pesky sugar cravings, according to Burak. “The protein and fat content naturally found in nuts, along with a good amount of fiber, help stabilize blood sugar and create a feeling of satiety, or a feeling of fullness and contentment, so you don’t feel the urge to one Chocolate bar or donut to grab at 3pm. “

Not only are nuts helpful in curbing sugar cravings, but they also have many other health benefits. According to a report published in nutrient, Nuts are known to reduce the risk of coronary artery disease while helping with high blood pressure and inflammation.

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Avocado brown paper bag

Avocados can be used in many ways: on toast, in smoothies, for dressings or sauces or simply enjoyed with a little salt and pepper. Regardless of how you eat them, you’ll benefit from their healthy fat content and hopefully you’ll be less tempted to reach for candy.

“Avocados stabilize your blood sugar like nuts and can be an excellent preventative measure against cravings for sweets,” says Burak of how this filling superfood supplement can really make a difference in cravings. “

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Craving for sweets is normal, mostly because your body thrives on a certain amount of sugar each day. However, this means naturally occurring sugar, such as found in fruit, not added sugar. For this reason, Burak recommends curbing your sugar cravings with some fresh fruit.

“Try some fruit instead and you’ll be surprised because it’s called nature’s sweet, after all. In other countries, fruit is considered a dessert, but we don’t see it that way in America. When you start using natural sources of sugar instead of super-cute treats like candy, your taste buds may change to prefer less sugar. “

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Greek yogurt

If you need a tasty but filling snack in the middle of the day, try yogurt without a lot of added sugar. “A high-quality yogurt contains natural lactose and is a good source of protein and fat, so the combination can satisfy the cravings for sweets,” says Burak.

And if you really feel cravings, add a few more fresh berries or coconut flakes.

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