The #1 Best Dinner Combo for Faster Weight Loss, Nutritionist Says – Eat this, not that

Everyone has those nights when you run out of energy to follow a dinner recipe or cook something new, so instead decide to just combine what you have left in the fridge.

When you’re putting together a last-minute dinner, it’s helpful to know what food combinations can be helpful in meeting your health goals if one of those goals is weight loss.

To learn more about the best dinner combo to try if you’re trying to lose weight, we spoke to a nutritionist Courtney D’Angelo, MS, RDWriter at Go Wellness.

According to D’Angelo, “You’re really going to want to build your plate around three major food groups: protein, green vegetables and carbohydrates, where the heart of your plate is the protein.”

The best dinner combo for weight loss is lean protein, green vegetables, and healthy carbohydrates.



For a proteinsomething lean like chicken, turkey, or fish works well for your weight loss goals.

“Lean protein should be the bulk of your plate, and ideally you should aim to get 25-30 grams of protein for your dinner meal,” says D’Angelo, “mainly because protein can help build lean muscle and burn fat, and maintain it.” you fed up longer.

Green vegetables

According to D’Angelo, another crucial component of a healthy weight-loss dinner is plenty green vegetables.

“My recommendations are broccoli or spinach because both of these green vegetables provide the fiber, minerals and nutrients your body needs, and fiber (just like protein) helps you feel fuller for longer.”

Healthy Carbohydrates

Finally, despite some concerns that many people have about eating carbohydrates and losing weight, it is actually beneficial to: a healthy carbohydrates into your dinner recipe.

“I usually recommend a moderate serving of healthy carbs like sweet potatoes or rice, but there are others if you don’t like those,” says D’Angelo, “because healthy carbs like these provide energy, which is important to staying physically active, and they can also help keep you fuller for longer, just like protein and green veggies.”

take that away

A combination of lean protein, green veggies, and a healthy carb is one of the best dinner combos you can pull together on those nights when you’re not following a recipe but still want to cook at home.

If you want more ideas on how to make this dinner combo in a creative way, you can check out these ideas. And for more healthy weight loss tips, check out 15 Underrated Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work.

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