Sleep Weight Loss: Can You Lose Extra Pounds While Sleeping?


Weight loss while sleeping: Weight loss is nothing short of a Herculean task. When embarking on a weight loss journey, you need to make sure that you have a combination of nutritious food and exercise. The journey to losing weight sounds easy, but it is very difficult. Along with diet, exercise, and healthy eating, it takes dedication and motivation to begin the weight loss journey.Also Read – Real Life Weight Loss: I lost 30kg in 18 months from eating chaat, pastries and burgers

If you weigh yourself before bed in the evening and weigh yourself again in the morning, you will find that you weigh less in the morning. It does this through breathing and sweating. Lack of sleep can lead to nausea and weight gain. Also Read – Weight Loss Tips: Should You Include Milk In Your Diet When Trying To Shed Kilos?

Weight Loss: Can You Shed Extra Pounds While Sleeping?

According to one study, lack of sleep can lead to a 20% reduction in metabolism and energy expenditure. If you sleep less than eight hours, your stress levels and your hormone cortisol can rise. These can have a negative effect on the microbes present in the intestines. Lack of sleep can lead to disorders of hunger hormones, which can lead to excessive consumption of junk food. Also Read – Weight Loss After Diwali: Tips To Shed Those Extra Pounds After The Holiday Season

How to lose weight while you sleep

The faster the metabolic rate, the faster you lose weight. By lifting weights and exercising in the evening, you can increase your metabolism by up to 16 hours. This helps in shedding those extra pounds while you sleep. According to a study titled “The Effect of Morning vs. Evening Exercise on Glycemic Control and Serum Metabolites in Overweight / Obese Men: A Randomized Study,” people who exercise in the evening have low nighttime glucose levels. This helps lose weight at night compared to people who exercise in the morning.

  • Protein shake for weight loss

Drinking a casein protein shake can lead to weight loss at night. This is a slow-release protein that is digested over eight hours, which helps keep metabolic fibers burning all night. Casein is a slowly digestible milk protein that is used as a dietary supplement. Casein slowly releases amino acids. Before going to bed, people consume this to aid recovery and reduce muscle breakdown during sleep.

  • Take a cold shower to lose weight

A lump shower flushes out lactic acid that you’ve built up in the gym. The presence of brown fat helps burn calories. Brown fat is present and stored in the neck and shoulders. With just 30 seconds of freezing, the body’s brown adipose tissue or brown fat is activated. It helps melt almost 400 calories in bed. You can take a cold shower before going to sleep to help your body lose some weight while you sleep.

  • Green tea and intermittent fasting for weight loss

The presence of flavonoids in green tea helps with metabolism. By consuming green tea before bed – three cups – you can burn 3.5 percent more calories while sleeping.

Intermittent fasting helps burn fat by depleting the sugar content. Intermittent fasting is also known as metabolic conversion. By practicing intermittent fasting and calorie freezing in a day or week, you can successfully achieve weight loss goals.

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