Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 just got 3 major fitness tracking upgrades before Unpacked

the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 receives a major software update that should improve its health and fitness tracking abilities. New tools for setting goals, training, and customizing workouts could make you a success best smartwatches around getting better.

Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic users will be able to install the software update from February 9th – the same day as that Samsung unpacked event where the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series should enter the stage. As if the best samsung watch While not already destined to become the ultimate S22 accessory, there are three new features being added to the Samsung Health suite.

More insights into body composition

If you know how to measure body composition with samsung galaxy watch 4, know that the non-invasive BIA sensor can read your body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI), muscle mass, bone mass, body water percentage and more. Body composition readings via the Galaxy Watch (or any of the best smart scaleIncidentally) are not a substitute for regular check-ups, but serve to monitor body changes caused by new fitness routines.

With the new software update, these metrics can be tracked over time for personalized insights and goals. The findings are supported by Centr2, a digital fitness program curated by Chris Hemsworth. Considering how impressed we are with it Chris Hemsworth’s arm workout, we would definitely be willing to hear Thor’s advice to get in shape. Galaxy Watch 4 users can also try all Centr2 features for 30 days free of charge.

Better fitness and sleep tracking

Anyone who has just started running or cycling might be more excited about Samsung’s new interval goal feature. Users can set preset duration and distance goals, then their Galaxy Watch 4 guides them through a custom-intensity workout. Some of the best running watches (especially this The best Garmin watches) already have similar features, but it’s good to see Samsung catching up.

But the Galaxy Watch 4 software update doesn’t just help with exercise. There is also a new feature that supports recovery. Samsung is revamping the smartwatch’s sleep tracking capabilities, now tracking sleep patterns over seven days and conducting manual sleep surveys of users. Using this data, the watch’s sleep-tracking program assigns an animal-themed sleep profile that best describes the user’s sleep habits, and then guides the user through a multi-week sleep quality improvement program.

One of the hallmarks of The best fitness trackers is a well-rounded approach to health tracking, meaning it prioritizes recovery just as much as counting steps and counting exercise minutes. Fitbit’s Daily Readiness Score and the Oura Ring Generations 3rdThe Readiness Score is a good example of how sleep data can provide insight into how much effort a user is effectively putting into their workout for the day. The Galaxy Watch 4 doesn’t have its own readiness stat, but the new sleep features seem to go in that direction.

New dials and watch straps

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 watch straps in fabric and connection options

(Image credit: Samsung)

In addition to the fitness tracking features described above, this software update for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 includes new watch faces and watch band accessories. The upgraded watch faces offer “additional colors and digital watch fonts,” while buyers can now find interchangeable fabric straps and link strap options.

There are a few improvements to be made Wear OS 3 on the Galaxy Watch 4 also worth mentioning. Users can stream music from over Wi-Fi or LTE youtube music App, independent of the paired smartphone.

Google Assistant… soon

Perhaps more importantly, Samsung announced that Google Assistant “will be available for the Galaxy Watch 4 series in the coming months.” We were disappointed that the Galaxy Watch 4 lacked this feature at launchbut the upcoming add-on should do that best smartwatch for android more attractive for those who like voice control. In our experience, Bixby doesn’t cut it.

Samsung will likely take a moment during the Unpacked keynote on February 9th to mention the Galaxy Watch 4’s new features. Be sure to check out our guide Here’s how to watch Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 along with the biggest announcements to follow.

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