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Sameera Reddy took a trip down memory lane on Friday and fished out a picture from last year – the time when she first got serious about fitness. The actress weighed 92 kilos and was not satisfied with her energy levels and strength. Therefore, she started exercising with full determination and dedication to lose weight and be healthy.

Sameera shared a collage of her latest picture and last year’s picture on her Instagram stories and shared a few health tips to follow to lead a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the weight loss journey, there were several things – both physical and mental – that helped her achieve the lifestyle she has today.

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She wrote that she fought the distractions by getting back on track and found fun with fitness by choosing a sport. She added that she believes negative energy can have a powerful impact on our lifestyle and determination to exercise, and that’s why she consciously stays away from things that could negatively affect her. While it’s important to be self-motivated, sometimes having a buddy to check weekly achievements helps to help you reach your goal faster. Sameera added that losing a large amount of weight in a very short period of time can prove to be detrimental to the body, so realistic goals should be set. Self loathing should not creep into the mind as it can slow down the weight loss process from stress.

“Thanks for being my fitness buddy over the past year. I look forward to moving forward with full determination and moving forward with you,” she wrote to her fans on Instagram. Just look:

Weight loss helps in improving body flexibility and posture. It also helps in improving heart health and lowering blood pressure.

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