Pune: PMC companies average monthly medical costs exceed salary

Not only has Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) used its Rs 2.7 billion budget to meet its shareholders’ medical expenses, it also needs more to cover outstanding medical bills submitted by representatives. The Citizenship Standing Committee has now allowed the administration to divert an unspent 1.5 billion rupee allocation – which was earmarked for the introduction of smart health cards to citizens – to cover the cost.

If one considers the total medical expenses of the current 169 incumbent corporators, the average monthly expenses of each corporator are over 21,000 rupees – more than their monthly salary.

There are 164 elected corporators and five nominated corporators in the PMC, which pays them a monthly salary of Rs 20,000, in addition to an allowance of Rs 100 for each meeting of the General Body.

In a proposal submitted to the Standing Committee, Community Commissioner Vikram Kumar said the PMC had allocated Rs.2.7 billion in its budget to medical treatment for entrepreneurs, including medication and hospital stays. “The budget provision of 2.7 billion rupees for medical expenses for entrepreneurs is almost over. A total of Rs has been spent so far, ”he said.

“Bills totaling Rs 22,60,673 submitted by drug and hospital hospitalization companies remain to be paid. In addition, several medical bills from business owners are pending reimbursement with the city administration and additional funds are needed to cover these expenses, ”said Kumar.

Based on the total medical expenses claimed by the corporations so far, the PMC has received bills of Rs.2.92 billion by November, with four months remaining in the fiscal year.

“The PMC has been paying entrepreneurs medical expenses for a long time. It includes not only hospital stays, but also the regular medication required by businesses, ”said Hemant Rasane, BJP chief and chairman of the standing committee. He added that the Citizens Service Department also pays medical expenses for former entrepreneurs and eligible urban poor.

The company had previously made a budget allocation of Rs.1.5 billion for a smart health card facility for citizens using services under various PMC health systems. The administration has stated that the fund is expected to remain idle in the current financial year as the project is still underway.

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