Patients on SCB MCH-The New Indian Express are angered by delays in moving the body

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CUTTACK: The pitiful condition of the state’s premier government hospital was exposed when there was an excessive delay in moving an unclaimed body to the emergency room at SCB Medical College and Hospital.

The delay in removing the body angered other patients and those accompanying them on the ward, as the incident came to the fore on Saturday when video showed a patient being treated while the body had been lying underneath since Friday night. The body remained there, although doctors, nurses and other health workers in the ward tended to the patients.

“The sight of a body left unattended in the ward since Friday night has hurt the morale of the other patients and their carers. It is difficult for them to take their meals when there is a body near them,” said some patients who were treating the victim.

After the video went viral, SCB MCH Administrator Abinash Rout rushed to the scene and informed the police, after which the body was taken to the morgue around 12.30pm on Saturday. “The person was victimized by a 108 ambulance but was taken in dead. The transfer of the body was delayed because there was no claim to the body. According to the rule, the body will be kept for 72 hours,” Rout said, adding that the necessary measures would be taken to prevent such an incident from happening again.

But Maneswar Pradhan, a senior officer at the medical police outpost, said the hospital board had given police a memo about the body of an unknown man without giving a registration number. “The name of the district from which the emergency doctor 108 brought the patient was also not mentioned. So we sent the memo back through the attendant who brought it with the advice to bring it with the necessary reference. However, the concerned companion did not reappear,” Pradhan said.

However, the memo from the hospital board calling it an unclaimed corpse sparked flak because the deceased patient’s name and address were already registered in the ER. The 66-year-old patient’s name was registered as Bidyadhar Jena from Sankida in Bhadrak district.

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