Nutritional Wealth: Get on the right train for weight loss and fitness

By Mike Thompson

Civilization diseases are all around us. Most of us are overweight and almost 50 percent of our society is obese. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) says obesity and overweight cause diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. We emphasize the importance of education and a good career in order to live well and attract the family relationship of our dreams, but we succumb to advertising and eat lots of fast food, drink sugary drinks, and eat few fruits and vegetables… and then many of us settle for decide to lose weight quickly to balance their lifestyle.

Japan’s lightning-fast bullet train launched 50 years ago, cutting a six-hour overland journey into a 90-minute journey. Japan’s leaps in economic productivity in the 1970s and 1980s were the envy of the western world. As with the high-speed train, speed and punctuality to the second were key words for success.

The western world followed their example. The Japanese had harnessed their WWII amphetamine-fueled maximal work culture and spearheaded a phenomenal economic renaissance.

Here, too, we want everything quickly.

In many ways, US culture has struggled to emulate this efficiency over the past 50 years. With our adoption of the hustle culture, we work long hours to move to the top, quickly consuming highly processed foods. We use every minute of a 16-hour day to work, be parents, commute, and use whatever’s left over, if anything, for a bit of self-sufficiency. Doing more in less time is a standard. The daily coffee served by sophisticated baristas pumping caffeine makes artificial stimulation normal here too, if not as extreme.

“Health and happiness be damned; I’m busy. Make the fries extra large please.”

Unfortunately, the dark side of Japanese business culture is illustrated by a deadly phenomenon now dubbed “karoshi”: working oneself to death. As of 2011, over 775,000 people died as a result of overwork. One of the few things that could throw a bullet train off schedule was a favorite Karoshi cure: a businessman who commits suicide by jumping in front of the train.

It turns out that speed kills.

Almost symbiotic with our fast food and disease lifestyle environment, a high-speed-like weight loss culture emerged, fueling users with the promise of shedding dozens of pounds in a matter of weeks.

Only the unhealthy hope that a frustrated overweight society devours.

Evidence of Danger: Recent research published on the National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine website shows that “95-98 percent of people who follow a weight loss diet regain their weight within 5 years will gain weight.” Caution: Only 2 to 5 out of 100 dieters maintain their weight. Attention buyers. There is a healthy alternative to bullet train life; and higher-minded people have gone over to the Shiki-Shima path.

The Shiki-shima (meaning the island of the four seasons) is a sophisticated, high-end train introduced by Japan that only runs at a moderate speed. It has fewer passengers, large modernist glass observation cars, and even Hinoki bathtubs in some suites.

Passengers can eat their healthy meals in a less rushed, more thoughtful environment, giving them time to reflect on the beauty of their journey and destination. You can treat yourself to a Shikishima world without leaving the farm… How?

Healthy, progressive thinking in the 21st century requires breaking away from distractions and refilling your mind… to add richness and value to your journey through life, rather than blindly embarking on the journey.

Mindful eating and time to think and meditate are the best stress reducers and skills that create longevity. The NIH US National Library of Medicine promotes evidence for healing through prayer. Nicolle Martin MD discusses the reasons why meditation and prayer improve life: 1. Reduce stress 2.

Improved health such as lower blood pressure and reduced risk of heart disease 3. Better mind control 4. Happiness 5.

Better concentration.

As the wealthy and contented travelers on the Shiki-shima train do for their commute to work, the conscious and slower journey to sustained fitness and health gives you, over a slightly longer period of time, a healthy, happy and sustainably fit wealth that few in today’s world can match time enjoy world.

Since fast weight loss diets offer few long-term benefits; Responsible health trainers and medical professionals follow the Shiki-Shima approach to health, which does not lead to weight loss as quickly, but more naturally and sustainably.

Energetic health and a longer life expectancy also go hand in hand.

This is what sustainable Shiki Shima habits look like:

1. Assess your goals and lifestyle and identify healthy habits to replace bad habits

2. Make time for mindful practices in planning/thinking, eating, and resting/sleeping. Gradually introduce new habits in small steps:

3. Get some exercise (20 minutes) 6 days a week and take 1 day off

4. Eat whole/unprocessed foods on a regular basis

5. Identify distractions from your new healthy habits. Work on reducing the distractions.

6. Learn and practice mindful eating

7. Get 7-9 hours of sleep a night

8. Stick to Your Habits To Support Your Rich Journey:

9. Ignore food ads

10. Don’t go on extreme diets

EVIDENCE OF HAPPY ENDINGS: The CDC states, “Patients who embody higher behavioral competence are more likely to maintain their weight results and become the successful 2-5 percent of weight maintainers [after significant weight loss]“.

CDC continues, “The key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is not short-term dietary changes; It’s about a lifestyle that includes healthy eating and regular physical activity.” It’s as simple as that. If you need help, health coaches are available to help you stay on a sustainable path.

Take the road less traveled, slow down a bit, and take the time to plan a life where you don’t have to worry every year about preparing for bathing season. TIME: Take time to plan, take time to think, take time to visualize, take time to eat and enjoy your meal, savor the tastes and sensations, savor your digestive system like royalty treat and enjoy the person you are becoming . Enjoy treating your spirit on the Shiki Shima journey as you mold your life and body into a spectacularly happy, long-lasting organism.

Your fortune depends on it.

Mike Thompson is a health coach and writer on nutrition and amazing aging. He lives in Richmond Hill, is a certified athlete and the founder of SelfCare Sustained. Reach him at [email protected]

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