Mike Tindall’s ‘proximity to William created a dilemma’ with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Mike Tindall attended Thanksgiving service with his wife Zara. Upon exiting St. Paul’s Cathedral, Zara enthusiastically began chatting with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, Mike seemed to stand by.

Did his body language say he was “Team Cambridge”?

Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to analyze the clip.

She asked: “Did Mike Tindall’s body language with Harry convey a sense of the pain and anger William may still carry after the brother’s split?

“Mike is one of the most outspoken, spontaneous and playful members of the royal family and comes across as relaxed and talkative at even the most formal of events.

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“But his body language with William has recently revealed some very close emotional bonds between the two men.

“Their playful fight and intense embrace go beyond friendship and into affection and closeness that looks like brotherly or even paternal love.

“The way William seemed to intensify their embrace, burrowing his head and closing his eyes to look almost vulnerable made for a rather unique portrayal of this often impervious royal in public, and the way Zara standing there grinning happily, suggesting this is a bond they all cherish,” the expert claimed.

What was the body language like at St. Paul’s Cathedral?


Judi said: “At St Paul’s there was a potential challenge for the royal family in terms of loyalty and partisanship.

“When Harry and Meghan were welcomed with open arms backstage, that wasn’t reflected in their seating positions or their emotional and physical distancing from the top-flight royals.

“Harry is known to still be close to Beatrice and Eugenie so sitting him next to her would have seemed like a reasonable option, although on the day it seemed like the couple had been ‘relegated’ to the back row.

“With no public rituals of recognition between William and Harry and Charles to date, it put an air of chill on the day that reflected poorly on either side as the gap that was left risked appearing petty.

“The technique of ‘ignoring’ and lowering does not avoid drama, but often creates it in the long term,” the expert claimed.

What was Mike’s body language like at the end of the service?

Judi suggested: “Given Mike’s close proximity to William, it also seemed to have created a bit of a dilemma when Harry joined Zara’s group while they awaited their transport.

“Zara seems happy to be chatting and even turns fully to speak here with Harry, who looks anxious and keen to get in his own car.

“Mike stays forward, however, looking around and holding up his order with an awkward look.

“He ends up speaking to Viscount Lindley, who turns his back on Harry and cuts off the two men from Zara’s conversation with Harry.

“This doesn’t appear to be Mike’s normal style of behavior as he usually looks too easygoing and tough to get involved in politics and it could be that his attention was on getting the right cars organized but there are no signs for that, live well from him.”

Are family reconciliation photos likely?

Judi claimed: “We have yet to receive any signals or official photos of a family reconciliation, even poses suggesting a brief conversation between William and Harry, as they did during their mother’s memorial service and grandfather’s service.

“It’s entirely understandable that they plan not to stage the Queen forensically with their own dramas, but until some happy christening photos of them all are released or they’re laughing and chatting together, the feeling of a total and comprehensive lack of contact lingers or the reconnection.”

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