Michelle Wie West launches a groundbreaking new golf program on Tonal

Michelle Wie West leads golf-specific workouts where she performs every move and talks about her experience as a pro.


In golf, repetition is key. If you can repeat the same movement over and over again, you will find that your game improves. That’s the main problem though – getting good at golf takes a lot of time. Amateur golfers who have day jobs have a hard time spending time on the range, working on their short game, hitting the gym, and finally putting all the pieces together on the course.

Input Tonal: A home fitness system that uses a patented digital weight system to provide a personalized workout experience.

…Wait what?!

You don’t need plates, barbells, bands or other bulky, heavy equipment. No larger than a 50-inch flat screen, Tonal uses magnets and electricity to provide up to 200 pounds of resistance. It features adjustable arms that can support both upper and lower body movements, and has a built-in smart guide that tracks and learns from your workouts, much like a personal trainer would. It almost sounds too good to be true.

For golfers, Tonal is a simple answer to the gym problem. You can train at home just as well, without any travel time. But it’s also the answer to the muscle memory problem. This is what got Michelle Wie West interested in the product. She found that she could use Tonal’s submaximal loads Reinforce swing motion patterns on days when she couldn’t make it to the shooting range. Like West, Tonal uses it too Improve tempo and rhythm. She slowly performs rotation exercises to get into the moves and increase range of motion, then repeats them at speed while keeping an eye on Tonal’s real-time metrics. “Spending just 10 minutes a day working on these moves on tonal and incorporating your golf swing into your practice when you’re not getting to the range is really powerful,” she says.

Tonal’s workout program includes thousands of live and on-demand workouts, including everything from Pilates to kickboxing to strength training and meditation. Now it will be Michelle Wie West Conducting golf-specific workouts for driving and irons as well as four basic courses. During each class, Wie West will walk through each move and talk about her experience as a pro.

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$63/month at 0% or $2,995 for immediate purchase

With Tonal you get a complete gym and personal trainer right in your own home without taking up too much space. Choose from thousands of workouts tailored to your body and fitness goals.

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