Memphis Smith’s weight loss transformation in pictures

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Day star, Memphis Smith has had a remarkable weight loss journey since giving birth to her baby boy with Hamza Moknii.

Memphis Smith has experienced a remarkable weight loss since fans last saw her 90 day fiance with Hamza Moknii. The 34-year-old was a single mother of two when she started dating Hamza, a younger Tunisian man she met on an international dating site. Although Memphis married Hamza, 26 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 daysShe is a single mother again. Memphis recently confirmed her split from Hamza via her Instagram. Hamza and Memphis had a baby daughter after their marriage.

There were rumors of Memphis and Hamza expecting a baby even before fans saw her take a pregnancy test on the show. The odds of Hamza and Memphis staying together or even getting married were so slim that a baby was out of the question. However, Memphis, who had trust issues and a gap in communication with Hamza, became his bride within two weeks of meeting him in person in Tunisia. A week later, Memphis felt nauseous before Memphis announced her pregnancy to Hamza on their honeymoon.


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While Memphis had to return to Michigan after the happy announcement, Hamza was able to join her in the United States five weeks after her baby was born. Unfortunately, Hamza no longer lives with Memphis or her children and has moved to Chicago. Memphis, who deleted all photos of Hamza from her Instagram, has also taken a social media hiatus. However, Memphis’ IG page has several photos showing her dramatic postpartum weight loss that fans will appreciate.

Memphis Reveals Baby Bump In Maternity Photos

Fans couldn’t see Memphis with a pregnant belly 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 days. Memphis is expected to continue 90 day fiance Journey in another spin-off, though she thinks the show is the work of the devil. Regardless, Memphis isn’t able to share photos of her baby with Hamza or reveal her name, possibly because they may have a baby special coming up. However, Memphis posted several images from her pregnancy photoshoot to Instagram. Dressed like a goddess and perhaps inspired by Beyoncé, Memphis, who flexed her stomach in the pictures, had fans saying, “Oh.”

Memphis talks about body positivity

Memphis took advantage of the post to talk about how magical a woman’s body is and how not to feel insecure and spend time comparing your body to others. Memphis thinks too many women don’t appreciate the gift of carrying a child. “We need to start normalizing our differences! That makes us unique!” said 90 day fiance Star Memphis. The reality celebrity recommended that no matter what anyone has to say about what a woman’s body goes through before and after pregnancy, people should learn to support one another. “I guarantee we can reduce some of those negative expectations the world has of us!‘ wrote Memphis, a nurse.

Memphis shows off weight loss in before and after photos

Memphis issued a fair warning 90 day fiance Fans on how a weight loss journey is individual and unique to each person as she shared photos of herself before and after her transformation. According to Memphis, who is 4 feet 9 inches tall, her original weight was 120 pounds. When she gave birth to her and Hamza’s baby, Memphis weighed 160 pounds. As of now, Memphis weighs 113 pounds. There are secrets of loss, she wrote “Many factors’, which generally contribute to weight loss. “Women tend to have a different complexity than men when it comes to weight loss,” she explained. She shared that each person “different circumstances‘, which could make it easier or harder for them to lose weight.

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