MAFS star Olivia Frazer opens up about her weight loss

Married at first sight ‘bad guy’ Olivia Frazer has opened up about her weight loss, revealing she’s lost 13kg since leaving the reality show.

Married at first sight “bad guy” Olivia Frazer has opened up about her weight loss journey, revealing she’s lost 13kg since leaving the reality show.

The 28-year-old teaching assistant took to Instagram on Friday and told her 164,000 followers that she weighed around 80kg during filming MAFS.

“Now I’m back to 67 kg as of this morning,” she said.

“I’m trying to stay between 60 and 65, so a few extra pounds [to lose],” She said.

Olivia previously revealed that she weighed 95kg during her teenage years before deciding to have gastric sleeve surgery at 22.

But after suffering from gallstones during her recovery, the now 28-year-old said she lost a dangerous amount of weight, down to just 45kg.

“My recovery has been pretty good, except I got gallstones… If you lose weight fast, you can develop that,” Olivia said earlier this month. “So I was in a lot of pain. I went from 95kg to 45kg within a year.”

According to, gallstones can block the tubes that carry digestive fluids to the gut.

Olivia also revealed that she managed to avoid excessively sagging skin as a result of the procedure.

“I didn’t have a lot of loose skin. I had a little bit in my arms but mine [breasts] were very saggy, I had to have them done,” Olivia said, referring to a breast reduction surgery she underwent after gastric sleeve surgery.

During MAFS‘Premiere episode in February, the Newcastle reality star said her weight affects how she treats herself and her relationships with men.

“I felt like I had to settle for whatever I could get and I did. I’ve settled for what I think I deserve, which is terrible because I definitely deserve a lot better,” Oliva said at the time.

She added that many of her insecurities “definitely stem from being overweight.”

“As a teenager I was about 95kg and trying to be as confident on the surface as possible,” Olivia said.

“But deep down I knew everyone was staring at the fat girl trying to fit into a skirt.”

On Friday, the reality star also addressed more questions from followers about the impact of her surgery on her Instagram Stories.

“I can’t drink and eat at the same time, so I have to finish my drink at least 10 minutes before eating,” she said.

She also hit back at those who accused her of taking the easy way out with surgery. “Piss off!” She answered. “Surgery [is] the last thing anyone ever wants to do. It’s the last resort.

“It’s no fun not being able to eat like everyone else, it’s no fun not being able to drink like everyone else.”

She added that the surgery had caused her to “puke all the time” because her stomach was too full, and reiterated that it was not a cosmetic procedure, it was a matter of her health.

“I had to sacrifice a normal life to be at a healthy weight. I look in the mirror and I like myself,” she said.

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