Lululemon Studio – Price, Membership Benefits and What It Means for Mirror

Lululemon Studio is a new hybrid training platform that combines the Mirror by Lululemon virtual experience with discounted in-person fitness classes through a selection of industry partners.

While Lululemon’s at-home workout mirror remains popular, the company has recognized that people also want to work out in gyms and gyms. So it has recruited eight well-known studios to expand practice opportunities outside of the home, offering class discounts and direct bookings through the Lululemon Studios app. Exclusive programs from these studios will also be available on the Mirror.

Lululemon Studio is largely a rebrand of Mirror. Starting October 5th, the training mirror itself will be called the Lululemon Studio Mirror, while the class platform and new perks will be called the Lululemon Studio.

So what does Lululemon Studio mean for current Mirror members? What are the benefits of a new Lululemon Studio membership? Here’s everything you need to know.

Lululemon Studio price – how much does it cost?

Lululemon Studio membership costs $39.99/month, which is the same price as Mirror membership at the moment. At least for now, there doesn’t seem to be a price increase planned, although the value will be increased with new discounts and experiences.

The Lululemon Studio Mirror price drops from $1,495 to $795 with free shipping starting October 5th. It’s unclear if this is a temporary promotion or a permanent price change, but either way it’s certainly an incentive.

Lululemon Studio Membership – what does it include?

Lululemon Studio consists of three pillars: Content, Flexibility, and Benefits. Content relates to Studio Mirror and the Studio App, which maintain a catalog of over 10,000 courses and a live schedule. New is virtual programming from Lululemon Studio partners that is searchable within the app.

You will also find the flexibility to train in person. When you view a studio’s programs in the studio app, you’ll also see an option to book face-to-face classes at a 20% discount. The partner studios at launch are AARMY, Y7 Studio, DOGPOUND, FORWARD_Space, Pure Barre, AKT, Rumble and YogaSix. Group gyms can charge anywhere from $20 to $50 for individual classes, making the discount seem like a huge perk.

Finally, in addition to class discounts, Lululemon Studio members also receive 10% off their purchases at Lululemon stores and early access to events taking place at Lululemon Experience Stores.

Lululemon Studio Membership – what does it include?

Fortunately, current Mirror members shouldn’t expect much to change with the launch of Lululemon Studio. Existing Mirror members will automatically become Lululemon Studio members with no change in their membership price or details.

Aside from the new Studio Partners tab, the mobile app looks the same. There will be the same course catalogue, the same instructors and the same live experience. In other words, while Lululemon Studio unlocks more membership benefits, users can actually take it or leave it. People don’t really like it when these things change, but it seems Lululemon is committed to making the transition as seamless as possible.

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