Keeping finances under control: 30+ guides from experienced real estate agents

There are so many financial aspects of the deal on all sides of the transaction and yet we keep hearing that not enough is being taught on the subject. So we’ve put together some smart advice from contributors to guide you through areas that may be new, sidelined, or long-forgotten.

New broker advice

9 financial tips for new (and not-so-new) agents

Here are some financial tips and techniques that can help you earn more, save more, and prepare for later retirement.

A new real estate agent’s guide to financial planning: Year 1

When you are a brand new agent, you need to keep the bottom line in mind while promoting your business effectively. Here’s the expert advice to keep your budget on track and your business thriving.

PLAN: A 1 year marketing calendar for brand new agents

As a newbie with little experience, putting together a solid marketing plan can feel like an impossible task. Here’s a monthly breakdown to guide you through your first year in real estate.

5 Smart Finance & Lead Generation Steps for Brand New Agents

Getting into the real estate industry comes with its own set of challenges. By taking the time to consider your finances and lead generation activities, you will be successful in the long run.

make bank

Everything you need to know about how realtors make money in 2022

Sales commissions are still the norm in the real estate industry, but the industry is also in the midst of rapid development when it comes to agent fees.

Regular customers on lock! How this agent achieves a 99.7% repeat customer rate

If you’re looking for consistent growth in your business, make sure you’re devoting time and effort to the people you already know, like, and trust, says Jimmy Burgess. These relationships are the seeds for future growth.

Your success depends on these 3 numbers: Do you know them?

Numbers don’t lie. If you want to grow with real estate, you have to evaluate the right ones and focus on them. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to understand where your business comes from and how you can take it forward.

Get More Deals: 7 Steps to Finding, Analyzing & Mastering a Real Estate Farm

Want more entries in the coming year? In this guide to building a geographic farm real estate farm, Jimmy Burgess explains how to choose the right location, calculate the numbers, create a marketing budget, and plan to offer those prospects value right from the start. Follow these basics and you will dominate your farm.

Video Will Dominate Online Search: Here’s How to Win Google

By 2022, 82 percent of online searches are expected to be video. You know you should create more video content to reach these potential customers, but where do you start? Jimmy Burgess explains how to identify content your prospective customers will love, create videos that will grab their attention, and publish it for maximum visibility.

Do you want to earn more commission? How to increase the average home selling price

There are two ways to increase your income: sell more houses or increase your average selling price, says Jimmy Burgess. Here’s his strategic approach to increasing your averages.


Don’t let inflation blow your budget! Correct your expenses now

With expected inflation and fewer transactions this year, you may be concerned about your finances. The good news is that once you start looking at your spending, you’ll likely find that there are plenty of places you can cut costs enough to offset some of the higher prices you’re seeing.

Million Dollar Listing LA stars on 5 expenses you can budget for right away

As independent contractors, real estate agents need to keep an eye on costs. Here are some budget-conscious tips for newbies from Million Dollar Listing LA stars James Harris and David Parnes.

14 insightful tips for agents looking to save money in their business

From resisting shiny objects (so to speak) to leveraging local intern pools, industry experts say how agents can save money in an ever-changing marketplace.

On a dime: Bootstrap your business with these 8 simple strategies

While sales aren’t expected to bottom out, there’s no harm in reconfiguring the budget to build a more robust nest egg to help you expertly navigate whatever the market throws your way. If you’re cutting back, brand new, or need to raise a little cash, here’s how to host a (nice) open house, host a customer appreciation event, stage that entry, and more on a budget.

financial health

5 finance podcasts you may have missed

You may have been listening Ramsey, rich dadand Suzie But if you need to take your financial education into the 2020s, here are five podcasts that are fresh, practical, packed with up-to-the-minute business advice, and brimming with fresh perspectives that will open your mind and wallet to new possibilities.

7 steps to make your business recession-proof

Whether you are an individual broker or a broker-owner, your response to the COVID-19 closure now will have an impact for months and years to come. Here are seven things you need to do now to get your finances on track and prepare for what’s next.

4 hidden expenses to reconsider today

As a broker, it’s important to take a close look at your finances and look at every little thing you’re spending money on. This includes your single biggest expense – your broker split.

Dollars and Sense: 3 rules to keep your financial health in check

Welcome to our new recurring column on finance for agents and brokers. In this opening column, Warburg Realty broker Bill Kowalczuk talks about how to set yourself up financially for a strong career.

10 apps to get your finances under control in no time

Mobile apps can be game changers, streamlining, organizing and even a little fun your business finances. Million Dollar Listing LA Stars James Harris and David Parnes share their favorite apps for managing your personal and business finances.

12 steps to succeed through market change

As the market changes, what will you do to ensure your business continues to grow? Here, Jimmy Burgess walks you through his 12-step plan to thrive through a market transition.

financial planning

Is it a write off? See which of these 14 expenses agents can deduct at tax time

A quick guide to general real estate agent expenses to help you determine if they are tax deductible or not.

5 steps to tax planning for money-conscious real estate agents

If you’ve had a successful year in your real estate business, you need to make sure you have a financial plan. CFP Jordan Curnutt offers some important tax planning strategies to consider.

7 ways to succeed (not just survive) in a changing market.

No matter what the market is doing, there are always agents with growing businesses. Jimmy Burgess shares seven steps you can take in this changing market to ensure you are successful.

Master your money: 6 steps to longevity

Money Mastery is a skill that all business owners can and must learn in order to achieve long-term business success and longevity. According to CEO Chris Pollinger, this is at the heart of creating a true legacy in real estate.

Is it a write off? 14 Spending Agents may – and cannot – deduct at tax time

A quick guide to general real estate agent expenses to help you determine if they are tax deductible or not.


7 Tax-Deferred Accounts Every Real Estate Agent Should Consider

There are countless ways to save for your future financial success. Certified financial planner Jordan Curnutt tells you how to maximize the potential of your investments.

Ignoring the Retirement Plan Agents (And How Realtors Can Help)

Because of their superior understanding and experience of market trends, real estate agents offer a retirement plan that allows them to benefit from their own expertise with minimal risk, says agent owner Anthony Askowitz.

How to recession-proof your investment portfolio with rents

Recessions can be nerve-wracking for real estate investors. But several factors make renting a smart investment in uncertain times.

This is how you make your real estate business future-proof in 2022

The real estate market is constantly changing and you need to change with it. Michael Zaransky from MZ Capital Partners offers strategies to directly meet the challenges of tomorrow.

5 key insights for real estate investors from Inman Connect

From the steps that need to be taken to be successful to how to navigate changes in the housing market, speakers from Inman Connect shared their secrets.

You’re an agent who wants to become an investor: 4 ways to get in the game

Some of the most successful realtors practice what they preach by investing in real estate. Speakers from Inman Connect Las Vegas shared four key tips for getting agents onboard.

is that the one 4 factors to consider when buying an investment property

No two investment properties are the same. The repair history, market conditions and long-term growth potential of the area – as well as your own risk preferences – all play a role in whether a property is a good fit for your portfolio. The following must be observed.

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