It may have been “really difficult” for Mark Wahlberg to gain 30 pounds for a new film, but the new shirtless post proves he’s clearly back in shape

Aging in Hollywood can be both a gift and a curse of sorts for many A-listers. As roles become more substantive, maintaining character becomes more difficult. Nobody knows that better than Unexploredis Mark Wahlberg. After gaining 30 pounds for his upcoming film, Father Stu, Wahlberg got candid about how difficult it becomes to gain and lose weight once you reach a certain age. The actor also recently posted a shirtless photo, suggesting he’s since recovered from the weight gain.

The 50-year-old actor opened up about the reality of losing weight and gaining weight during a recent appearance on an Australian radio programme The Kyle and Jackie O Show. While the upcoming biopic was a passion project for Mark Wahlberg, packing on the pounds seemed like a little more of a challenge than it previously would have been for the fan-favorite star. While contemplating the physical transformation, he said:

I would say it’s easier to stay in shape than to get in shape. I gained 30 kilos… it was really difficult. I’m not getting any younger.

As the actor said, maintaining muscle can be easier than building it, and gaining weight can hold someone back from making progress. Of course, the star didn’t let a few extra pounds stop her from getting back in shape. According to a recent Instagram post, it didn’t take him time to get back in top shape. If you want to see the actor bow and shave shirtless, check out his video below:

Needless to say, Mark Wahlberg is back in the gym. This isn’t the only recent post showing off his toned physique, either. Fans got a glimpse of his incredible abs, as well as those of Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings‘ Simu Liu, through a set photo Arthur the king. Wahlberg’s training game is strong and apparently very personal. A session even turned into a family affair when the actor shared a sweet post showing him and his daughter’s boyfriend working out together.

While it’s cool to see how stars stay in shape, it’s also interesting to see how stars gain weight over a period of time. Mark Wahlberg gained 20 pounds in three weeks by eating six meals a day (on a strict diet) and having one cheat day. After eating 7,000 calories a day, the actor regretted the decision, citing his slowed metabolism that made weight loss difficult. Though Wahlberg isn’t able to shed excess bulk as quickly as he used to, he’s certainly still one of the most jacked actors in Hollywood. And you can not only marvel at his dedication, but also at the bare-chested photos he posts.

You can see the actor doing what he does best Unexplored, which is currently in cinemas. Unfortunately, his response to superhero movies, The six billion dollar man, won’t be happening any time soon, although it’s close to production a couple of times. However, his Father Stu is one of several upcoming releases to look forward to this spring.

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