How to set up a Fire Stick – the foolproof guide

Once you know how to set up a Fire Stick, you can start watching the latest TV shows. But that’s not all you can use it for. You can also use Fire TV apps to get fitter this spring.

Amazon’s smart TV service works with the best TV brands. But knowing how to set up the Amazon Fire TV Stick properly is key to getting the most out of the comprehensive service, which is why we’ve highlighted the step-by-step guide here. We’ve included advice on troubleshooting the Alexa Remote and setting up parental controls on your Fire TV.

It can also be motivating to use your big TV screen to follow the best fitness classes. For example, we prefer to follow lessons on small and awkwardly positioned smartphone screens. Once you figure out how to set up your Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can start using the service by browsing the latest offering of the best fitness apps. We’ve outlined some of our favorites where we grab our yoga mats and tug on the fabletics to get moving. Of course, the cozy sofa is always conveniently positioned nearby.

How to set up a Fire Stick – 7 easy steps to TV heaven

Amazon FireTV Stick

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While there’s a wide range of Fire TV devices you can buy, here we’ve focused on how to set them up for the latest Fire TV Sticks. What is a fire staff, you might be wondering? It is a device that allows you to access Amazon’s services and includes the Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick 4K Max, Fire TV Stick Lite, and Fire TV Stick. Keep in mind that while not all generations are exactly the same, they do resemble each other. You must also have an Amazon account to sign up.

1. First, insert batteries into your Fire TV remote and have your Wi-Fi password ready.

2. Next, connect your Fire TV Stick to the TV’s HDMI port. Next, plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet.

3. You must use the USB cable to connect the power adapter to your Fire TV device.

4. Your remote control should pair automatically. If the home button is not pressed until “Press to start” appears on your screen. This should take about 10 seconds. If you can’t pair your Fire TV remote during setup, move your remote closer to the Fire TV device. It must be within 10 feet.

If that still doesn’t work, remove the batteries, wait 30 seconds, and then press and hold the Home button again. Then reset your Fire TV remote.

5. Connect to your home Wi-Fi network by following the on-screen instructions. Download the latest software update when prompted.

6. Sign in with your Amazon account.

7. If you want to download apps and games, you can add a default payment method to “Your Payments” in your Amazon account.

Which Fire TV Stick is the best?

There are a number of Fire TV devices that you can buy right now depending on your budget. Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite, capable of streaming content in Full HD 1080p quality, are ready to spice up your living room TV ideas. The latest Fire Stick 4K Max gives you an even sharper picture as it gives you Ultra HD streaming and is 40% more powerful than the original Fire TV Stick 4K.

You can also buy the Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Soundbars, and actual Fire TVs with Fire TV built in.

All of these Fire TV devices give you access to the latest content and apps with Alexa voice control, but the latest versions have the “all new Fire TV experience.” This gives you an updated main menu, Fire TV profiles, and options to customize your usage.

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How to set parental controls on a Fire TV Stick

If you have young children, you might want to set up parental controls right away. It’s only a matter of time before they master the art of remote control, so it’s a good idea to ensure the best security features to restrict the viewing of videos with specific ratings. To set parental controls on a Fire TV, all you have to do is:

1. Go to Settings on the Fire TV homepage.

2. Select the Settings menu item.

3. Select Parental Control.

4. Enter your PIN to activate parental controls.

5. Select the level of viewing restrictions.

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Top 5 fitness apps on Fire TV

Once you have Fire TV installed, you can easily use a range of fitness apps that you can watch right on your TV screen. And many of them fit seamlessly into your home fitness ideas. You have to subscribe and pay to use them, but many come with a free trial that can be easily canceled once you’ve decided enough is enough. Some of our favorite fitness apps on Fire TV include:

1. Peloton app

While Peloton is known for its instructor-led cycling classes, they also offer a range of strength, toning, meditation and yoga sessions. We especially like the Pilates and Barre classes. You can currently try two months free if you sign up.

2. FiiT app

With the FiiT app, you can choose from a variety of workouts to follow including dumbbell and kettlebell classes, bodyweight training, HIIT classes and more. FiiT currently offers a 14-day free trial if you sign up for a monthly membership.

3. Gymondo app

Gymondo has a wide variety of motivational workouts on their app, from yoga basics to a full body shape class. You can also try hip hop cardio, salsa fusion, and more. There is currently a 7-day free trial for those who sign up for a monthly membership.

4. Les Mills+ app

With the Les Mill+ app you can add a variety of classes to your training plan. Choose from specialized high-intensity interval training classes to a selection of group classes including Les Mils Core, Tone and Barre. At the time of writing, Les Mill+ is offering a free trial for the first month and 70% off the second month if you sign up for a monthly subscription.

5. Gaia App

If yoga and meditation are more your thing than body pumping, the Gaia app will benefit you. It offers a wide variety of yoga and meditation classes to take part in, as well as a library of thousands of thought-provoking short films and documentaries. The app currently offers a 7-day free trial.

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