Health & Nutrition 101: Weight Loss or Health Gain?

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Gina Cousineau

By Gina Cousineau

As a nutritionist and trained chef, you might think I’m stepping outside of my area of ​​responsibility when I tell you that my goal is to save my customers’ lives, not just one plate at a time, but by teaching them how to care for their health.

Unfortunately, as I wrote earlier, our healthcare system does not have the necessary controls and balances to prevent your needs from falling through the cracks. This, coupled with a person’s desire to wish their ailments away, really sets us up for increasing disability and shortened lifespans.

Trained in integrative and functional nutrition, I consider myself an interventional health practitioner working with your healthcare providers to help you take charge of your own well-being.

All potential clients tell me they know what to do; they just don’t. And while I understand that change is painfully difficult, would you consider it if you were offered small steps to improve your health and longevity?

I believe your answer would be a resounding “yes”.

I always start by asking prospects, “What is your goal?” If weight loss is your goal, feed the multibillion-dollar diet industry and pick one. The fact is, and you already know this from personal experience, you will lose the weight (or at least part of it) but you won’t be able to keep it off.

Instead, let’s consider changing this goal to “Health Gain” and allowing the scale to move in the desired direction as a benefit, not a priority. This small change in your mindset can really help you focus on healthier and healthier changes in the kitchen as well as in your daily living activities.

No restrictive and punishing diets and no suicide at the gym; Introduce yourself.

Every day I shake my head when people tell me they believe they can “beat this bad diet.” You can not. It takes 10 minutes to consume your fancy coffee drink, and few of you can work out hard enough in an hour just to offset those calories.

While the nutrition space has been pushing mindful and intuitive eating lately, I personally believe there is nothing instinctive about eating as an adult.

Starting next month, I will be launching a series of live webinars, recorded for your convenience, focused on making a difference in your health and reducing your risk of lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, colon cancer and more.

While diet and fitness will be part of the conversation, prevention will lead the way.

Since I only have the opportunity to impact your well-being once a month, I’ve decided to offer my loyal readers, alongside these webinars, the opportunity to attend a free 50-minute private session in person at my home office in San Clemente or via Zoom.

While I hope to host as many of you as possible over the next few months, your completed application will determine which of you will be selected.

In this application you can share your family health story as well as your own story and these details provided before our meeting offer you a fruitful and comprehensive opportunity to prepare yourself for a long, healthy, independent, joyful life.

Just go to and register in the pop-up in the middle of the page. Indicate which newspaper you found us in, as only readers have this opportunity, Mama G.

Gina Cousineau is a local nutritionist specializing in weight loss and helping her clients improve their health. As a trained chef with her BS in Dietetics and MS in Integrative and Functional Nutrition, her goal is to help her customers enjoy every bite they consume and learn how to move around the kitchen with ease while they use their “food as medicine”. Subscribe to her weekly newsletter for free cooking classes, recipes, webinars and more at or reach her at [email protected] and 949.842.9975.

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