Bield’s digital telecare service has been recognized as future-proof by an industry association

Bield has underlined its pioneering work in using technology to improve the lives of older people after its 24-hour telecare service was the first of its kind to receive recognition for its high level of security against cybercrime.

Bield’s Response 24 (BR24) has been added to the Scottish Digital Telecare Security-Assessed Suppliers Scheme after an assessment confirmed it met all the requirements to protect vulnerable people across Scotland from the threat of cybercriminals.

Bield’s Response 24’s alarm receiving center provides a 24-hour carefree on-call service and support to both their clients and dozens of other housing organizations and bodies across Scotland.

The innovative service aims to enable customers to live as independently as possible, through services such as emergency cord monitoring, personal alarm units, daily contact service and after-hours repairs.

Gary Baillie, BR24 Manager at Bield, said: “As we transition into the digital age of technology-enhanced care, change can be unsettling and create anxiety, but with our approval of the Safety Assessed System we can give our clients added assurance of how we are making good progress and progress .

“The panel said they were impressed with the safety culture and standards already in place within Bield and our speed in implementing suggested improvements. That was very gratifying to hear as we’ve been working hard on it internally.

“This project has laid fundamental foundations to create a service that is appropriate for our current and future people who use our services, while taking into account developments in technology and care.

“We are really proud to be the first telecare monitoring provider to be included in the list. I am excited to be part of the team pioneering the adoption of technology into services for older people across Bield.”

Working with the Scottish Government, Bield is working to transition its telecare service from analogue to digital ahead of BT’s plan to switch off its analogue phone network across the UK by 2025.

BR24 sees calls from developments and personal emergency units being transmitted over digital connections rather than an analogue phone line, meaning those who need assistance will be connected to the alarm receiving center much faster and with improved call quality.

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