A doctor fighting genetic obesity lost 35 kg at home without a gym and ate this flour bread

In general, people know that obesity is caused by bad lifestyle and diseases. But obesity is also genetic. If everyone in your household is obese, there is a high probability that you too will become obese. One such story is that of Dr. Pramila Prashant who has struggled with obesity for most of her life. The reason was genetic obesity. Because of this, he had to face body shaming many times.

However, after the birth of her second child, she realized the importance of a healthy body. After that, he started exercising regularly, apart from significantly changing his diet. Over time, he lost 35 kg in just 9 months. Here we share his weight loss journey with you. By following this, you can also get rid of obesity.

Pramila’s weight loss journey started after this incident

Doctor Pramila Prashant says that due to genetic obesity I have struggled with obesity all my life. Therefore, growing up, I never felt the need to lose weight.

But when I had to use the Indian toilet on the way home during the second lockdown, I found I couldn’t get up from a seated position without resorting to the dirty walls around. It was a slap in the face because I could well imagine my misery at 30. When I will be totally dependent on someone else because of my obesity. That was the turning point where I decided to take my health seriously.

was such a diet

Breakfast- Lots of vegetables either raw, steamed or cooked. Eat foods like cottage cheese, sprouts, nuts for protein and cheese, butter, ghee and oil for good fat.

Having lunch- Homemade curry with flaxseed roti, almond roti or coconut flour roti.

Dinner- Like lunch.

pre-workout mealAfter lunch, I do my workout by taking an hour and a half break because my daughter sleeps in the afternoon.

post-workout meal– 4-5 almonds with green tea.

Law calorie recipeHigh protein green gram dosa with coconut chutney loaded with veggies.

training schedule

Doctor Pramila says that she did 30 minutes of floor exercises on an empty stomach in the morning and an hour of Zumba training in the afternoon. She says I’ve never felt the need to go to the gym because I’ve found it’s very convenient to lose weight within the walls of my room.

The fitness secret of Dr. Pramila

Since losing weight, I’ve realized how important health is in my life. More importantly, I’ve realized that you can’t try things on your own without the right guidance. You need an experienced coach who understands you and your body well. After all, your body is not meant to be used.

What problems have you had because of obesity?

I’ve had to deal with a lot of body shaming in my life. It can only be understood by those who have been through it. I know exactly how it feels when a stranger makes a scathing remark about you on the street. This person walking the street will never understand the reason for your obesity, but will definitely make lewd comments for their own pleasure. I was physically unable to do housework. Not only that, I got tired of playing with my kid.

I’ve been wearing custom made clothes since I was a child, as I’ve never fit in ready-made clothes before. I have never worn jeans/pants in my life before losing weight. I wore salwar kameez throughout my college years as I could not fit into any modern attire. It took me 9 years to wear the jeans I bought.

In what form do you see yourself in 10 years?


I believe that losing weight is a journey that has no destination. I realized that staying in good shape and health is a challenge every day. Nevertheless, I help women, especially housewives with children, who selflessly work for the well-being of their families but hardly care about their health, focused and dedicated.

change of lifestyle

dr Pramila says I’ve realized that it’s easier to lose and maintain weight when we change our lifestyle. Our lifestyle determines how well we can hold our ground after our transformation. I made a conscious effort to eat breakfast intermittently and avoid naps. I make sure to stay physically active throughout the day and home exercise is now part of my regular routine.

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Disclaimer: what worked for the author may not necessarily work for you. So avoid blindly following the diet workout mentioned in this article and find what works best for your body.

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