90 Day Fiancee Karine’s best outdoor pics after weight loss

90 day fiance Alum Karine Martins’ post-show weight loss is documented in her outdoor Instagram photos. In 2017, she was introduced to TLC fans in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 days. Paul Staehle, from Louisville, Kentucky, had traveled to a very remote area in the Amazon of Brazil to meet his future wife, Karine, after communicating with her online. Tonantins, the town of future style influencer Karine, was only accessible by boat. However, Paul believed that they “the one‘ which he had been looking for his whole life. Nonetheless, Paul and Karine’s relationship started on a shaky note when he asked her to take STD and pregnancy tests before becoming intimate.


It was just the beginning of the strange happenings at Paul and Karine 90 day fiance plot, but also in real life. The couple tied the knot in Brazil in November 2017. By December 2021, the two had finally broken up. A video has surfaced online showing an allegedly violent domestic dispute between them. It happened at their home while their eldest son (two-year-old Pierre) watched. Karine said that she tried everything to make things better but ultimately decided that she wanted a divorce. Paul and Karine have removed each other’s photos from their respective Instagram profiles. Then fans watched as she tried to spread her wings and fly away from their troubled relationship.

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Karine has shown weight fluctuations since she gave birth to two children 90 day fiance. However, following her breakup with Paul, she seems to have made an extra effort to shed unwanted pounds and get her pre-baby figure back. She gets flak because she seems to be more focused on herself than her kids. Karine and Paul have both lost custody of their children. However, she claims that she is trying her best to get Pierre and Ethan back while showing off her makeup artist skills in her recent social media content. The much-maligned Karine may want her followers to stop asking about her personal life now that she’s no longer involved with the franchise. Instead, she may be looking for appreciative comments about her cosmetics career and weight loss.

90DF’s Karine debuts slim fitting shorts while losing weight

Back in June, scandal-prone Karine revealed her dramatic transformation by posting a photo of herself with her dog in a park. In the pictures, she leaned over the railing of a deck over a body of water in a two-piece outfit. Karine complemented her flattering look with a camouflage pattern hat as she attempted to toss food into the water to feed some fish. 90 day fiance Adult model Karine chose fish and dog emojis to accent her IG post. Fans praised her with messages like: “girl you look so good” and “YOU LOOK SOOO GOOD! i love the styleKarine didn’t answer her fans, ignoring questions about why she has a canine companion when she can’t even look after her children.

Karine from 90DF shows her toned body in a sporty outfit

A month later, Karine turned off comments on her photo, presumably to avoid the trolls’ mean messages about her children. She sported a shorter hair look as she stood with her back to the camera and looked over her shoulder. Karine made sure to flaunt her toned bum in her gray bra with strappy details and black cycling shorts. Active clothing seems to fit 90 day fiance celebrity Karine’s picture. It’s her first choice when going outside, but she makes sure to add a touch of glamor to her look. She might put on a hat or sunglasses to show off her style.

Karine from 90DF goes to the fair in a chic dress

Karine seems to have mastered the over-the-shoulder pose, as she did just that in this August photo. Karine added a very simple caption filled with emojis. However, in her location tag, she did mention that she was at the Kentucky State Fair. She made memories there while wearing a long and loose dress with a vibrant print that was shirred at the waist. She paired it with matching sneakers and flaunted her weight loss by choosing the cut out garment. With colorful landmarks in the background, reality TV star Karine looked very happy. 90 day fiance Fans rarely see her in this happy state on Instagram.

Source: Karine Martins Staehle/Instagram

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