90 Day cast of fiancé called upon to promote weight loss products

Many 90 Day Fiancé cast members have lost weight, but some of them are being called out for peddling certain suspicious weight-loss products.

Fans have praised 90 day fiance cast members for their weight loss efforts, but few viewers stand behind the advertisements for weight loss products. As viewers support people in losing weight to optimize their health and happiness, some questionable diet products have been promoted over the years. A number of 90 day fiance Regulars have come under fire for offering their followers suspicious weight-loss products.

The goal of 90 day fiance Franchise was originally intended to focus on the K-1 visa process for international couples. However, the franchise has since expanded to follow a number of the better known and notorious cast members. This has shifted the focus from international marriage to nutrition, weight loss and makeovers. Many viewers eagerly follow the glow-ups and glamorous transformations of the cast when they are authentic. However, viewers have also called out to a number of cast members.


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Actor in the 90 day fiance Franchises have often been criticized for promoting false standards. Viewers value honesty about cosmetic surgery and love to hear about exercise and diet plans. However, 90 day fiance Fans are very critical of the use of excessive filters, Photoshop and undisclosed operations. The promotion of weight loss products is another thing that angers many viewers, believing that performers are making false and potentially dangerous claims. However, that hasn’t stopped many cast members from selling questionable products to fans.

Danielle Jbali

Danielle Jbali 90 Day Fiancé

Danielle Jbali became notorious for her failed romance with Mohamed Jbali, in which she begged him for sex and threatened him to become intimate with her. Despite her demeanor, Danielle partially reinvented herself 90 days: The single life. Danielle started dating again and evolved into something of an influencer. This led to her promoting Boombod on Instagram. Although Danielle claims the product is transforming her body, few viewers are willing to take diet advice from her as her photos showed minimal results.

Nicole Nafziger

90 Day Fiancée Nicole Nafziger

Nicole Nafziger is another 90 day fiance Franchise performer promoting Boombod. Nicole’s weight was a major concern in her relationship with Azan Tefou. Azan famously admitted to just being “55%” attracted to Nicole because of her weight, and he encouraged her to lose weight. Nicole turned to Boombod’s products and promotions after their breakup as she claimed they helped her shed some unwanted pounds. However, viewers were once again skeptical of their weight loss product advertisements.

Darcey Silva

90 Day Fiancée Darcey Silva

It seems Boombod has hired many 90 day fiance Franchise faces to sell their products as Darcey Silva also promotes the company on social media. That Darcey & Stacey star claimed the company’s products helped her lose weight for the holidays and overcome her insecurities. Since Darcey has openly received many plastic and cosmetic surgeries, many viewers were upset that she claimed Boombod influenced her appearance. 90 day fiance Fans accused Darcey of promoting false standards and being dishonest about how she maintained her body.

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Angela Dem

90 Day Fiancé Angela Deem

Angela Deem is another franchise actress who came under fire for promoting bogus weight loss efforts. Angela chronicled her weight loss journey 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Viewers watched as Angela underwent weight loss surgery and a breast reduction while she has since posted about her other cosmetic surgeries to transform her appearance. That’s why viewers were furious when Angela started promoting Boombod. She claimed that her products are the reason she lost weight and looks so different. Many viewers were stunned by Angela’s fake promotion and dragged the grandmother online for lying to her followers.

Big Ed

90 Day Fiance Big Ed

Not just women in the 90 day fiance Franchises have promoted Boombod. 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 days Personality Big Ed Brown also promoted the company’s products. Big Ed lost weight and changed his appearance while continuing to search for love The single life. While being shown changing his diet and exercising, the franchise villain promoted Boombod to his followers, claiming that the company’s products helped him lose weight.

Tom Brooks

90 Day Fiancé Tom Brooks

Like his ex-girlfriend Darcey, Tom is another 90 day fiance Franchise performers to promote Boombod products. Tom has promoted the company, though viewers believe his product endorsement can’t be helpful. This is because he is widely considered a cheat and a liar.

Ashley Martson

90 Day Fiancé Ashley

Ashley Martson might have left that 90 day fiance franchise after her marriage to Jay Smith ended, but that didn’t stop her from jumping on the boombod promotion bandwagon. Ashley was slammed by viewers for creating a GoFundMe for her lupus when she allegedly admitted using part of the money for a tummy tuck. This made Ashley’s promotion of weight loss products particularly frustrating for viewers.

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Libby Potthast

90 Day Fiancée Libby Potthast

Libby Potthast also joined the Boombod Promotion Train. Andrei Castravet’s wife was mocked for promoting the weight loss products as she looked the same in her before and after photos. Many viewers called her about the pointless publicity.

Yulia Trubkina

90 Day Fiancé Julia Trubkina

Julia Trubkina is a more recent addition to the 90 day fiance franchise, though their promotion of weight-loss products has particularly angered viewers. A passionate Julia told her co-star Yara Zaya that she is against cosmetic surgery because she believes in it “lazy” People should just go to the gym to look different. Julia insisted that people do not resort to quick hacks to change their looks, as she believed in hard work and dedication. However, Julia has been promoting Flat Tummy Co products to her followers. The former go-go dancer claims the products help her lose weight and prevent bloating. Julia’s promotion of the products has led to this 90 day fiance Fans call her a hypocrite.

Molly Hopkins

90 Day Fiancee Molly Hopkins

Molly Hopkins is another franchise actress who has come under fire for repeatedly promoting weight loss products. although 90 day fiance normal Molly has promoted Boombod, she is now promoting Plexus. While the other cast members get paid for their endorsements, Molly makes money selling Plexus products. This has caused a lot of controversy between them 90 day fiance fans. Some viewers have accused Molly of selling pyramid scheme products to her followers and making false claims about the products’ weight loss potential. This has upset many viewers as Molly’s Livi Rae Lingerie store is focused on embracing and supporting women of all shapes and sizes.

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