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2021 was significantly shaped by the great resignation, in which tens of millions of people have given up their jobs to take advantage of other opportunities. Some of these people made their next career move personal: betting on themselves by walking alone. As a result, we’ve seen the rise of solo preneurs, either as a business owner, investor, or even a journalist who chose to start his own publication, traditional newsroom be damned!

Betting on yourself is an ambitious but lonely process, so I surveyed a handful of solo preneurs to see what their gift wish lists are this holiday season. We didn’t set any restrictions so we weren’t sure what to expect – but what we got was a fun, thoughtful, and eclectic list of ideas; some focus on productivity, others on comfort, and others on self-care. If there’s a common thread between them, it is this: When you set out to do things yourself, Take care.

Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved USB-C Hub Monitor

Credit: Dell

As the appeal of working remotely goes from a question mark to a definitive statement, everyone is rethinking their monitor game. Newton who published a daily guide To understand the social networks that are being built by giants and challenged by start-ups, he looks at a curved monitor. Why keep switching from window to window when you have a mega panoramic view of everything?

Price: $ 935 from Dell

If you listen to podcasts, you probably know Dame, a sexual wellbeing company (with great marketing). The company sells vibrators for couples and individuals, as well as aloe-based lubricants and toy cleaners. Taub pointed out the pom, one of the most popular vibrators, and comes with a three-year warranty. Full disclosure: the entrepreneur is an investor in the company.

Mac Conwell, Founder of Rarebreed Ventures

Aviron rowers

Credit: Aviron

“What’s better than a rowing machine that works almost like a game system?” Said Conwell. Well, I don’t have a funny answer to that, but I’m definitely interested in rowing away from zombies and, as the VC says, mixing competition with gentle exercise.

Price: Ranges from $ 2,199 to $ 2,499 Aviron


Credit: GoodMylk

Frothy lattes and plant-based milk might not go that well together, but GoodMylk wants to change that. Conwell is an investor in what it believes is “the healthiest dairy alternative on the market”. Delivered in a concentrated form, GoodMylk helps people who like the taste of homemade hemp, almond and oat milk recreate the product without the hassle of a cheesecloth. In other words, founder Brooke Rewa discovered a proprietary flash blast freezing technique that helps you make alternative milk quickly.

Price: $ 68 for a six pack on Goodmylk

Ankur Nagpal, Founder of Vibe Capital

Oura ring

Credit: Brian Heater

Aside from the Apple Watch, Oura rings are possibly the most popular wearable among tech freaks. Users receive three daily values, one to measure their sleep status from the previous night, one to record their fitness activities, and one that indicates their readiness for the day. All three are important in balancing the demands of work, life, and the increasing overlap between the two. So if numbers are your thing, the Oura ring could be for you. It also offers the home size so don’t worry about losing it washing up. Or do it because I would still find a way.

Price: From $ 299 from Oura Ring

Proof of cocktail syrup

Credit: Proof

Proof sells old-fashioned cocktail syrup in small batches in flavors like pecan, citrus sour, and maple bacon. While I’m not entirely sure about the last one, the syrups sound like a festive way to liven up your own bar cart, or at least send a subtweet to your friends.

Price: $ 33 of evidence

A trip to an island for 6 months for work

Aerial view of the island of Cousin with the beach and villas. Cousin island. Seychelles. (Property released)

“There’s something very calming and encouraging about being close to the water,” said Burney. “I am originally from Florida and live in Atlanta, where there are no beaches. So I crave near water as much as possible to nourish and rejuvenate myself. ”Since people go to work from home to work from anywhere, I really love this type of wish list item ; It’s harder to get Prime Delivery on it, but it seems like island time is filling us all in ways that a frother won’t. The investor also added that she would like a spa subscription that … maybe a little easier to give away as a gift.

Price: Please check with your local travel agent as this may vary based on the enjoyment you plan on.

Regular meetings with friends

Let’s trade some meetings for meetups that have nothing to do with our day job when we start in 2022. “As a solo GP, I still long for the company of friends who just BE, not an agenda,” said Burney. She makes a good point considering these are the easiest plans to not prioritize sometimes simply because you know your OGs are always there for you. Well, here is a healthy reminder that your friends are loyal but also need attention.

Price: Priceless.

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