4 benefits of meeting a nutritionist

Eating well can be a real challenge based on what you see on TV and read on the news. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A registered dietitian or nutritionist will work with you to create a safe and realistic eating plan that you can follow long-term. A nutritionist will support, guide and motivate you with creative and unconventional strategies in meal planning, grocery shopping and conscious eating.

Here are 4 reasons why an appointment with a nutritionist can put you on the right path to better health.

1. Digestive problems

A Registered Dietitian will work closely with you and your doctor to fine-tune your diet. Counseling can help you make decisions that don’t make your condition worse. For example, limit fried foods or caffeinated and carbonated drinks. A nutritionist can help you better understand your condition and how the foods you eat affect it. As a member of your health team, they can also help you change your diet and settle for less flavor.

2. You are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or are a new mom

Are you unsure about what to eat because you have celiac disease, food allergies, lactose intolerance or another condition? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by what you think you can’t eat. And this can lead to a monotonous diet that doesn’t provide your body with the nutrients it needs. A nutritionist can teach you strategies for identifying foods to avoid and help you find substitutes to keep your diet balanced and tasty.

weight loss or gain

3. You need to gain or lose weight

Trending diets may seem like a quick way to gain or lose weight, but they rarely work for very long and it’s a proven fact that we all have different body types. A nutritionist can recommend calorie sources to help you gain weight healthily. Alternatively, you can create a personalized weight loss plan that includes diet changes and physical activity while still being able to eat all of your favorite foods.

Advice for a healthy lifestyle

4. They are looking for practical lifestyle advice

Nutritionists have extensive experience working with patients in the fields of nutritional therapy and exercise science. You can schedule regular meetings with them to talk about your food cravings and get scientific answers to common diet questions. This support can be especially useful during trying times like the current coronavirus outbreak, and can help keep you from falling into old habits as you strive to become healthier.

Hiring a nutritionist or nutritionist who disagrees with your beliefs can be frustrating at first. However, once you find a good fit, an adjustment can benefit your health.

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